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    Estrochem Chemicals S.A.


    Estrochem Chemicals S.A.

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    Estrochem Chemicals S.A.


    Estrochem Chemicals S.A.

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    Estrochem Chemicals S.A.

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Dry Chemical Powders

Kerr Fire Fighting Chemicals has been manufacturing fire extinguishing powders
at its plant in Liverpool England for over 50 years. Its range of dry powders is the
result of continued research and development, both in the choice of raw
materials and plant. Product cost efficiency together with maximum fire
extinguishing performance, versatility and storage stability have been achieved
by the control of composition, particle size and by the incorporation of anticaking,
flow promoting and water repellent additives.

Dry Chemical Powders

Different types of powder are necessary to combat fires in these different hazard classes. Kerr Fire Fighting Chemicals manufactures a wide range of standard powders, which are marketed under the brand names of CENTRIMAX and ISOCOMP.

CENTRIMAX and ISOCOMP ”ABC“ Powders are the benchmark brands for the so called ”multi-purpose“ Class A,B,C,E powders. These are the most widely used of all powders around the world. Applications include offices, commercial and public buildings, airports, hotels, retail outlets, workshops, laboratories and hospitals. They are based on Mono-Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) and Ammonium Sulphate (AS) and have the ability to produce a crust on carbonaceous materials helping to prevent re-ignition. Kerr Fire Fighting Chemicals produces a

complete range of these powders with MAP content from just 20% to over 90% to meet your requirements.

CENTRIMAX and ISOCOMP “BC” Powders are the standard by which other regular Class B,C,E powders are measured.

These are mostly produced using Sodium Bicarbonate (SB). Kerr Fire

Fighting Chemicals produces a complete range of these powders with SB contents from just 25% to 98%. Higher performance can be achieved using Potassium Sulphate (PS) or Potasium Bicarbonate (PB). These include the BC Plus (PS) range of powders with PS contents of 20% to 90%, and the Purple K (PB) range with PB contents of 40% up to 92%.

MONNEX Powder is renowned around the world as the highest performance and most powerful dry chemical powder for all Class B,C,E flammable liquid hazards. It is the discerning users choice for all high risk Petrochemical, Oil and Gas (POG) installations as well as extensive Military and Aviation applications. As with all BC powders, Monnex interferes with the chemical reactions occurring in the combustion zone. The unique property of MONNEX is that high temperatures within the combustion zone cause the powder to explode and break down into minute particles. This dramatically increases its surface area for chemical quenching, causing rapid breakdown of the chain reaction of the fire achieving unrivalled speed of control and fire extinction.

Kerr Fire Fighting Chemicals Metal Fire Powder M28 is specially formulated for use on Class D hazards which are dominated by the intense heat of burning metals. It is based on Sodium Chloride which is highly effective against combustible metals such as Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Aluminium.


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